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dennis grace amazing at
Fri Jul 18 20:01:19 PDT 1997

Bear writes:
>As a practical note, the OK State Health Dept. gives condoms away for 
>Family Planning and stopping STDs.  We take a tremendous amount of abuse 
>from the moralists who believe AIDS is a judgement upon the immoral and 
>sinful.  The SCA does not need this.  We get enough flack.

I guess my concern at this would be which seems worse to you, flack from a
small group of moralists, or the health or life of a friend?

Red flag? I don't think so. Like Gunnora, I've lost friends to AIDS, an
awful disease that could have been prevented by the use of a single piece of
latex. I reiterate: I think it's a *good* idea to help people make
responsible decisions.


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