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Fri Jul 18 20:07:35 PDT 1997

On 18 Jul 97 at 23:40, Tim McDaniel wrote:

> Common sense, alas, is a contradiction in terms!

but something that can be re-learned.  it's one of those things that 
tends to follow by example..  
> As well, there's the question of how to carry them where they won't
> get exposed to heat (which lets out my wallet, and in summer my feast
> box and my car), and how often one remembers to replace old ones.

you mean you don't carry a suitable "purse", are you some kind of 
mundane "girly man" or something! (grin). why not  adopt a scot's 
persona and put them in your sporan where they belong ... or perfect 
stuffing for that period cod-piece (that has a certain wyrd symmetry 
that really begs to be manifest in reality ..)

and when in doubt, check the expiration dates and replace.

fyi: following not my words ... or my thoughts though it would appear 
so from the quotations ...
> > > One could just as easily claim that if a fighters want to fight,
> > > then they should provide their own first aid supplies, as taking
> > > care of one's self physically in a voluntary activity is, to quote
> > > the good wolf, "*clearly* a matter of personal responsibility."
> The second-most important ingestible is water [0].  Every fighter
> knows that they're going to need lots of it, especially in summer.
> Therefore, we should dissolve the waterbearers [1] and not bother to
> keep water at the field, even at bone-dry sites.

when in doubt, bring some .... personally, when expending energy in 
summer i prefer electrolyte replacers with adequate minerals 
(including magnesium and potassium) so usually have a empty container 
and a supply of the powders stashed somewhere.  this being Tejas, 
never hurts to keep a couple of canteens, a hat, loose shirt, sun 
screen, aloe vera gel, shades, etc., ...  close to hand in the summer 
> (Actually, I'm semi-serious about that.  Why *don't* fighters bring
> their own?)

they have never seen anyone doing so and don't think about it.  bet 
if they saw such behaviour, especially from teh high profile peerage 
that it would be emulated more widely ... sort of a "Hundreth Monkey" 
thing.  a lot easier to lead by example than to wait for spontaneous 

> > like i said, if you can't afford them, weren't responsivble enough
> > to pack them, 
> Excuse me -- "not responsible enough"?  I've needed condoms at an
> event exactly once in about 20 years.  ... 

still, if you are sexually active at all, then it should be an issue. 
better to have and not need than need and not have.  and if you 
didn't have them, bet there was probably someone there you knew that 
did very near to hand.. 

> > need more than you planned for,
> *snort* Problems I wish I had, #3 (below "too much money" and "too
> much healthy, enjoyable immortality").

these things do happen.  remember the epitaph of the last of brothers 
Partholen (ascribed in the literature to be the discoverers of 
Ireland) .. "he died of an excess of women"

> > feel free to track me down, as i usually carry spares ...
> a)
>  I don't know you; b) my event in question was in Ann Arbor,
> Michigan ...

was making a basic point about helping out the brothers and 
sisters .... there's a lot of people just like "me" at any event you 
are likely to attend.  haven't done anything SCAdian up that way, but 
been to a few pagan festivals up in that part of the world over the 
> [2] Look, I've been good at avoiding all the obvious puns and jokes in
>     this thread; please grant me one!

but why deny yourself the simple pleasures in life?  an puns and 
jokes are good for you, like the condoms in question please take as 
many as you need (and if you have extras, feel free to toss them in 
the jar)


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