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Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Sat Jul 19 05:30:38 PDT 1997

Aquilanne writes:

Bear writes:
>>As a practical note, the OK State Health Dept. gives condoms away for
>>Family Planning and stopping STDs.  We take a tremendous amount of abuse 
>>from the moralists who believe AIDS is a judgement upon the immoral and
>>sinful.  The SCA does not need this.  We get enough flack.

> I guess my concern at this would be which seems worse to you, flack from 
> small group of moralists, or the health or life of a friend?

Replace "small group of moralists" with "middling bunch of fanatics".  They 
are working overtime at the legislature  to kill funding for the condom 
programs, family planning, and anything else to which they object.  I doubt 
the SCA could stand up to being the object of their "affections(?)".

And we haven't touched on the idiots that want to make the flack real 
(there is big hole down on 5th Street from one of those).

Personally, I would love to see condoms readily available and sex education 
in the schools, but do I have the right to force my world view on people 
who are adamantly opposed to it?  Until I can talk them into seeing the 
world my way, I'll opt for individual responsibility and action.  And, 
although I don't need them any more, I think I'll pick up a dozen for the 
next condom jar I come across.


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