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Greetings All,

I just wanted to relay a little anecdote.  At Pennsic a few years back,
a few people put together a big jar of "Ansteorran Armor".....and left
it available for anyone that needed/wanted a condom.  Personally? I
think it is an excellent idea.  Just as many forget 'Band-Aids',
Tylenol, etc., many forget that they may meet someone and need a condom
at the last minute.  If a group decides to carry the expense fine, If
they don't then put a jar next to the pile of condoms and ask people to
make a donation.  I know this is an inflammatory issue BUT, I'd rather
see someone be safe than sorry.  The Aids issue will always be there and
this disease has permeated every part of our society. The SCA is not
immune (though some might think that is true).  I too can speak of many
friends lost to this disease. I'd rather not see anyone else be
devastated by this disease.

Just my 12 cents...


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