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Greetings, Cosyns,

Lyonel ici.

In response to the condom question, bunny...I mean, ALREK KANIN posts the
apt analogy:
>Is there suntan lotion in the first-aid kit?  If so, shouldn't it be
>destributed to the populace at an event to keep them from getting
>sunburned?  I have been sunburned at many a SCA event and sure would
>have liked to have some suntan lotion to put on.  I am, however, an
>adult (some don't believe it though) and therfore responsible for my own
>sunburn...should I get something bad, say a third degree sunburn, it
>would be my own fault for not bringing my own suntan lotion to the event
>to protect myself from the sun...not the SCA's fault for not
>destributing it if they even had it.

Gosh, all these responsible and self-sufficient individuals.  You must all
be so proud of yourselves.  

Yeah, I try to remember to bring my own sunscreen and insect repellent and
water. I've also, at one time or another forgotten one or another of these
items (hey, you gotta forget *something* when you go camping--it's an
American tradition).  I've occasionally had to go to a friendly chirurgeon
for a dollop of sunscreen, and I'm particularly thankful that the water
bearers are on the field so I don't have to go trudging all the way back to
camp to avoid heatstroke. As for the condoms, well we all know what most
folks do when they forget comdoms:  they rationalize the situation and
convince themselves they really don't need them.  

Aquilanne already made this point, but I guess it bears repeating.  Yes,
individual responsibility is a wonderful thing to promote, but you don't
promote it by relinquishing social responsibility.  It would be nice if, as
Wolf suggests (Wolf, Bunny, Bear--am I seeing a pattern here?), we could
rely upon one another to carry extra stuff to give out to lapsed friends.
Unfortunately, most of us don't have the financial wherewithal to stock all
we need *and* extras to cover the errors of our comrades.  We do, however,
have the wherewithal to give a buck here or there to keep a chirurgeon's kit
stocked with sunscreen, bug spray, blankets, and condoms.  I know it isn't a
period proverb, but Poor Richard was right:  An ounce of prevention is worth
a pound et cetera.


As for Bear's argument concerning the lunatic fringe:  yes, let's be very
careful not to do anything to upset the loonies.  Oh.  But wait.  The
loonies in Texas include the KKK.  They object to non-white leadership.
Gosh, you don't suppose they've seen His Majesty?  Whoa.

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