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Sat Jul 19 13:19:18 PDT 1997

First let me say that I believe we have first aid kits to care for
individuals who get minorly injured doing something SCA related. Now, I am
fully aware that having sex at events is no new/unheard of thing, but it
is not the REASON we are there (well not officially for some of us
anyway). We are there to recreate this wonderful period and do fighting of
all kinds in which, unfortunately, some of us occasionally get hurt. 
I'd like everyone to sit back and look at WHAT we are, what we
(like it or not) are traditionaly gatherings wherein we pummel one another
into submission -I know that now we are more PC and have events other
than tourneys, but look at our roots, where we came from, way back when
it was about knights and ladies and then we got PC, and a lot more fun :).
Yet  I digress...Sex is a side thing that happens, just like going to
the bathroom or's not the reason we are there but rather an
occurance that takes place at said events. Does it really sound
prioritized to provide condoms in first aid kits originally designed for
our fighters which others use when in need?
DO NOT get me wrong I AM ALL FOR SAFE SEX, and what you do with whom is
your own business and doesn't concern me unless it does, if you catch my
And  I love the following idea to pieces!
>like i said, if you can't afford them, weren't responsivble enough
>to pack them, need more than you planned for, feel free to track me
>down, as i usually carry spares ... and as practice usually donate to
>the "condom jar" when i pass it by (take one when you need one, put
>one back when you have one ...).
>a public donation system (the jar approach) seems to work a lot
>better about keeping such matters visible and in mind ... which in
>my experience serves to encourage people to take responsibility for
>their own actions.

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