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Sat Jul 19 14:37:54 PDT 1997

It was asked:
>Is there suntan lotion in the first-aid kit?  If so, shouldn't it be
>destributed to the populace at an event to keep them from getting
>sunburned?  I have been sunburned at many a SCA event and sure would
>have liked to have some suntan lotion to put on.  I am, however, an
>adult (some don't believe it though) and therfore responsible for my own
>sunburn...should I get something bad, say a third degree sunburn, it
>would be my own fault for not bringing my own suntan lotion to the event
>to protect myself from the sun...not the SCA's fault for not
>destributing it if they even had it.

Well, umm, I guess it depends on where you live.  Our Chirurgeon, who is
mundanely a physician (and who we stole from the Steppes! hah!) has decided
that she has seen enough sun damage and DOES stock sunscreen in her
first aid kit, and then makes a POINT of announcing in opening court
that she has it and please come see her if you are in need.

Now, did that stop me from getting sunburned at the last event I
autocratted?  Nope.  Cause I was busy and kept forgetting to go
get some and yes, had forgotten my own at home.  And she shook
her finger at me twice and that was it.

Lady O
Kingdom of Caid
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