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dennis grace amazing at
Sat Jul 19 23:29:21 PDT 1997

Bear writes that Aquilanne writes that Bear writes--wait, I'm
dizzy--somebody call a Chirurgeon!!

OK. I wrote:
>> I guess my concern at this would be which seems worse to you, flack from a
>> small group of moralists, or the health or life of a friend?

Bear replies:
>Replace "small group of moralists" with "middling bunch of fanatics". 

and I say, OK, here: "I guess my concern at this would be which seems worse
to you, flack from a middling bunch of fanatics or the health or life of a
friend?" Seems to me basically the same question. Yes, I submit that making
thoughtful and caring decisions and following through with same is not
always the *popular* thing, *and* that following through with thoughtful and
caring decisions sometimes requires a measure of courage. I also submit,
however, that we do no more than empty mouth service to the ideals of
chivalry and courtesy and honor we tout so highly if we only *talk* about
caring for others' well being, yet are not prepared to put our money where
our mouths are, especially when the "money" is but a pittance.

>are working overtime at the legislature  to kill funding for the condom 
>programs, family planning, and anything else to which they object.

The more the well-being of my family or community is threatened, the more
intense is my concern for their well-being.

>I doubt 
>the SCA could stand up to being the object of their "affections(?)".
>And we haven't touched on the idiots that want to make the flack real 
>(there is big hole down on 5th Street from one of those).

And folks accuse *me* of throwing up red flags!

>Personally, I would love to see condoms readily available and sex education 
>in the schools, but do I have the right to force my world view on people 
>who are adamantly opposed to it?

I'm not sure what your point is here. I would posit, however, that too much
tip-toeing around myriad sets of "morality clauses" in order to avoid
stepping on toes tends to result more in tripping over those toes than
anything actually productive.

>Until I can talk them into seeing the 
>world my way, I'll opt for individual responsibility and action.

Too easy--sounds a bit like hand-whashing. Individual responsibility and
action are wonderful, worthy goals. However, at the risk of belaboring a
point, we fall short of what I consider our humanistic duties when we
pre-empt the necessity of community responsibility with individual
responsibility--it's a cop-out.

Before you jump back at me again, note that I'm also posting *your* last line:

>although I don't need them any more, I think I'll pick up a dozen for the 
>next condom jar I come across.

Exactly. *That's* community caring and responsibility. Same here. Though
I've had no need of them for years, I plan to pick up a few and donate them
to the next chirurgeon I run across.

Having said about as much as I think I should (and probably more),
je reste

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