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Sun Jul 20 22:01:34 PDT 1997

Again, I must also beat this horse.

Why do you care if a chirurgeon has a condom in their kit or not?  Most of the time, no SCA funds go towards their purchase.

Do you care if a chirurgeon carries a tampon or a Kotex?  They are non-medicinal (for the most part)also, but are sure appreciated if the need arises.

Having been a chirurgeon for a long time, I can tell you without a doubt that most of the injuries and illness I have given aid for are non-fighting related.  Period.  Mostly, they are due to being exposed to the elements (bug bites, anaphylactic shock, turned ankles, sunburn).

 After that, sheer stupidity ranks pretty high.  People who forget to eat, drink, take their medications, dress improperly (especially footwear), alcohol-related, especially in combination with any and all of the previous errors.

So please don't assume that the chirurgeons are just there for the fighting. I've had more injuries at a Laurel's Prize Tourney than at a Crown Tournament....

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