The Viking Art of War

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Mon Jul 21 02:19:49 PDT 1997

While I was at the library this afternoon I happened across the following
book.  This is not an in-depth scholarly work, but it is based solidly on
accurate scholarship, making it both accurate and highly readable.  There
are some areas in which I found myself disagreeing with the author's
opinions, but not with the facts.  I think there are probably a good many
folks who will find this book both useful and enjoyable.

Griffith, Paddy.  The Viking Art of War.  Pennsylvania: Stackpole Books.
ISBN 1-85367-208-4


I.  Military Analysis of the Vikings
	A. The Vikings defines
	B. The meeting between civilian and military
	C. Myth and Reality

II. The Causes of Viking Expansion
	A. The Legacy of the Romans
	B. More Defeats than Victories: Expansion Attempts, 793-911
	C. The SSecond Viking Onslaught, 911-1066
	D. The Vikings and their Neighbors

III. Strategic Mobility
	A. The Alleged Reliability of Viking Navigation
	B. An Essentially Coastal Navy
	C. The Boats Themselves
	D. Overland Movement

IV. The Viking Notion of Strategy
	A. Four Types of Viking Warfare
	B. Some Principles of Strategy
	C. Numbers Likely to be Engaged

V. The Composition of Armies
	A. The Classification of Troop Types
	B. Viking C3-I
	C. Engineering

VI. Arms and Armor
	A. Missile Arms
	B. Defences
	C. Close Quarter Arms

VII. Battle
	A. Land Battle
	B. Sea Battle
	C. Counting the Cost

VIII. Conclusion

Wæs Þu Hæl (Waes Thu Hael)


Gunnora Hallakarva
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