undeliverable stuff

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Sat Jul 19 05:17:55 PDT 1997

>>> Say, is anyone else getting massive numbers of undeliverable mail from this
>>> list? We just checked our email, and 52 out of 53 were these "undeliverable
>>> mail" multiple copy posts. What gives?

Unfortunately everyone was. I have unsubscribed the offending user from
the list and will be putting a filter in for cc:Mail in the very near
future since that is the second time in a week it did that to me.

> > It seems that some servers went down espically swbell and other .  I
> > have been getting them too.
> the company that was given a monopoly to maintain the domain name 
> system by INTERNIC (ie: the translation tables that convert domain 
> adressing to IP addressing) fouled up royally this week and seeded  
> a great many of the primary routers with incorrect tables during 
> their regular update process ... this in turn caused a cascade effect 
> that the support folk are still trying to clean up ... 

Although this did happen on Thursday, it was cleared up at most sites by
2 PM Central time. I made sure not to unsubscribe anyone who bounced
during that time, and will not do so until Monday.

I appologize for the inconviences this caused everyone. Unfortunately
the cc:Mail started bouncing right after I left work to go get my truck
from the shop. This means I didn't get it actually fixed until Saturday
morning. Luckily I came in to work or it would have been doing it all


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