SCA Purchases

Decker, Terry D. TerryD at Health.State.OK.US
Mon Jul 21 08:45:14 PDT 1997

>> If condoms must be distributed at SCA events, I suggest someone
>> other than Chirurgeons should be the ones.  Aren't they usually set
>> up at a central point during the _day_?  Haven't they usually gone
>> to take part in other activities when the fighting is done?  Or should
>> they be asked to man Chirurgeon's Point from dusk to midnight,
>> as well?  Better it should be seneschals.  Or perhaps some new
>> officer with a suitable title, "Minister of Responsibility", or something
>> equally Orwellian.  Perhaps they could distribute other equipment
>> for the amorous, such as vibrators (why should we discriminate
>> against those who _haven't_ "gotten lucky"?) and more ... esoteric
>> devices.  Rope, for those who... whose tents need setting up!  (Yeah,
>> that's the ticket!)  They could also set up their point on Sunday, to   
>> distribute
>> motorcycle helmets for the bikers who've forgotten theirs, and new tires
>> for those whose tires have gone bald.  I can't wait to see the first   
>> Pelican
>> for this service.  (This paragraph has been an exercise in satire.)
What, more bureaucracy?  As a bureaucrat, I must object, you are
diluting my power by these schemes.  Rather than be official
(officious?) let us find a Vendor of Forgotten Supplies, a Bazzar of the
Bizarre , as it were, to provide these services for fee.  Such a scheme
might fatten a merchantile purse, and we bureaucrats would profit from
the taxes.  (A satirical, practical response.)


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