Period Condoms (humour)

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Jul 21 12:33:53 PDT 1997

Yes, folks in period had many of the same desires as us modern folk. :-)

Those who are curious about these things might be interested in looking at
these files in the PERSONAL CARE section of my SCA Rialto Files:

aphrodisiacs-msg   (9K)  4/28/97    Medieval aphrodisiacs.
birth-control-msg (36K)  3/ 8/94    Period birth-control.
p-hygiene-msg     (54K)  9/10/96    Period bathing, hygiene, teeth brushing,
                                       menstural care.
p-sex-msg         (54K)  3/11/94    Period thoughts on sex and sexual

There are also these files in the UNCLASSIFIED and the ACCESSORIES section:

p-customs-msg     (21K) 12/21/93    Unusual period customs.
chasity-belts-msg (14K)  2/ 8/96    Chasity belts in the Middle Ages.

The latter file is usually in the top twenty files retrieved from the site.
Somehow, I think the search engines have a lot to do with this.

My files can be found at:

Stefan li Rous
markh at

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