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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Mon Jul 21 18:12:23 PDT 1997

Garth wrote:
> political hasssel and potential legal problems of official condom
> distribution.

So make it unofficial.  Pass the hat.

> We are not responsibile for people keeping their pants zipped up.

To repeat a point that's been made several times -- nobody is saying
that we are legally responsible.  OK, dennis grace ('s account?) has
asserted more than most, saying that there is a moral responsibility
for us to care for our brothers and sisters in the Society.  AFAIR,
everyone else is saying "no, we're not responsible, but it's still a
good idea".  To repeat another point: nobody in the Society is
required to bring any first-aid supplies whatsoever, but most
chiurgeons do anyway.

> What's next people - having the chirurgeons distribute clena needles.

(Questions usually end with question marks, by the way.)  Can we do it
legally?  I suspect the availability of a clean needle does not
noticably induce someone to become an injectable drug addict, nor is
their absence likely to induce someone to quit.

Daniel de Lincoln
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