For the Truly Devious!!!

lorraine stddly at
Mon Jul 21 21:30:15 PDT 1997

Must be devious, creative and give attention to detail! We are opening up
bids for Quest
Master for Quest for the Clover 12 on March 27-29, 1998 . Person or team
will be responsible for devising and directing the story line, clues,
characters, scheduling and judging system of a Historically based 24 Hour
Quest (NO autocrat duties). Must be willing to attend some meetings in
Huntsville and work with the cast on an as needed basis.  If this is your
cup of tea submit Outline with basic storyline, basic schedule, and
prospective main characters along with Modern Name, SCA Name, address, phone
number and/or e-mail address to Barony of Raven's Fort, c/o Quest Review
Board, P.O.Box 7275, Huntsville TX 77342 by October 15, 1997.

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