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Greetings unto Daniel de Lincoln,

>On Mon, 21 Jul 1997 galenbv at wrote:
>> So how about a compromise, and we have the chiurgeons stock up on
>> chastity belts?

>1) Do you have solid documentation of their existance, much less their
>use, in period?

Yes, I do. Take a look at this file in the ACCESSORIES section of my
SCA Rialto Files:

chasity-belts-msg (14K)  2/ 8/96    Chasity belts in the Middle Ages.

There is also this book (excerpt from the file)
The Girdle of Chasity, A History of the Chasity Belt. by Dr. Erie
John Dingwall, ISBN 1-56619-031-2 Dorset Press 1992.

about 168 pages. It does include footnotes and photographs. Most
of the surviving devices appear to be late in period, but the author
details a number of contemporary reports many dating to earlier times.
A lot of the book deals with the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries as
well as medieval times.

This excerpt is from a message from me and I have the book around somewhere.

>2) It would certainly give an impetus to period smithing and

An excellant idea. :-)
For those interested, take a look at this file in the HOME, SWEET HOME
keys-locks-msg    (18K)  9/29/94    Medieval keys and locks.

For period smithing, take a look at the blacksmithing files in the CRAFTS

My files can be found at:

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