Requirement vs obligation

Pug Bainter pug at
Tue Jul 22 09:41:13 PDT 1997

> > You know full well the difference between an obligation and
> > a requirement.
> Well, *I* don't, and I'm fairly literate.  What do you see as the
> difference, Galen?

In my opinion, the different is:

Requirement, something an external force has placed on us. This implies
some external force will make it less than enjoyable if you don't follow
through. These can be legal, professional or social.

Obligation, a internal/moral compelling to do it. This implies that you
or those around you make your conscious nag at you and/or be your
conscious. It is up to you to deal with your conscious. These are
professional and social.

As examples:

We are required to not serve under 21 people alcohol.
We feel obligated to not let a drunk friend drive.

We are required to work to get paid.
We feel obligated to be productive.

We are required to not strip naked in public.
We feel obligated not to do it in private unless appropriate.

We are required to not allow those under 18 to fight.
We feel obligated not to rhino hide.

We are required to have permission forms for those under 18 at events.
We feel obligated to protect them from letches or other "undesirables".



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