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This seems like a fun topic to jump in on...

> As a parent, I have to believe that individual behavior can be
> modified.  Otherwise I must resign myself that my 8-year-old will go
> through the remainder of his life occasionally throwing temper
> tantrums when I won't let him play Sega, and arguing with him ad
> inifinitum about whether he is tired and will go to bed.

When your children were young, did you put a gate up near any stairs
that they could tumble down?  Did you tell them not to play in/near the
street and watch that they did so?  Or did you assume that by telling
them not to go near the stairs or not to play in the street, they
wouldn't?  And, if they wander out into the street and get smashed by a
car, it's their own fault because you told them not to.  Well, goody for
you!  I'll bet you'd feel real good about being right.

One of the points that seems to fail to sink in is the fact that people
will not always do what's best for them.  Whether it's due to ignorance
or emotions taking over, people do dangerous things.  After you resign
yourself to this fact, ask whether there's anything that can make these
activities a little less dangerous and possibly save a life?

It's not acceptable to me to say "I told you so, now die".

> Today, casual sex is widely accepted, and I believe that the result
> has proved to be a great deal of unhappiness.

It's not the sex itself that causes unhappiness or one dose would cure
you of that.  I would venture to say that most (if not all) of the
unhappiness has to do with diseases or unwanted pregancies.  A condom
reduces the risk of either of these.

> Someone else questioned whether distributing clean needles mightn't
> be next, and I thought that an excellent question.  People are going
> to do drugs anyway, we should help them be more "responsible", no?

Sex and drugs are two different things.  Sex is not a bad thing.  Sex
within marriage is universally accepted and even married couples use
condoms.  Drugs, on the other hand, are thought to be harmful by most
societies (and even among married couples).

> >No, the SCA doesn't generally distribute protective equipment, but a
> >condom is a far cry from a barbute or even an athletic cup.  Condoms
> >are far less expensive, are small and easily stocked, and are disposable.
> So would tent stakes be, but I haven't noticed a tent stake conssession
> going on, and so many of us pitch tents.

If you're going to an event and planning on staying in a tent, you'll
probably remember to bring tent stakes.  And if you need one, you can
probably find somebody who can loan one.  (I always have extras).  You
may not go to an event planning to have sex, so you may not be prepared.
But then you meet somebody...

A missing tent stake is unlikely to kill anybody.  A missing condom can.
There's a difference in degree here.

> >As to your other claim, no sex isn't an SCA activity.  Nor is sleeping,
> >bathing, urinating. Should we, therefore not make spaces and facilities
> >available for sleeping, bathing, and urinating?
> But they are indispensible to attendance at events.  Sex is not.

Technically, bathing during an event is dispensible, but most people do
it anyway.

> Indeed, nor have I noticed any mention of what measures, if
> any might/are/should be taken to avoid distributing condoms
> to minors.

Doesn't this kind of go along with the foolish notion that if they
don't have condoms, they won't have sex?  And the reverse inference
that the condoms will invoke them to sex?

Congratulations!  You've found the answer to the teen pregnancy
problem.  Keep them from getting their hands on condoms.
No condoms = no sex.  Problem solved, right?

I'm not for minors having sex, but if they do (and it obviously happens),
they should at least be allowed to use protection.

> > Making condoms available does not increase the likelihood of sexual
> > activity.  Giving out condoms increases the likelihood of SAFE
> > sexual activity.


> >>I don't believe that the SCA's officers need to take responsibility
> >>to equip adults...

I agree (and maybe that's all this thread should be about) that this
shouldn't really be required of an officer.  I feel it's an excellent
idea and a good gesture by those who provide them, but not an
officer's responsibility.

Although, on the other hand, who would you expect to get them from if
you had to find them?  Family planning and disease control seem to fall
into more of a medical category.  If I knew that somebody at an event
had condoms available, I'd have to follow logic to the Chirurgeon first.

If you had a designated distributor (regardless of who buys them),
people would know who to go to.  This would avoid the need for large
signs which advertise "GET YOUR CONDOMS HERE!", (which would probably
offend some).

> >>Or should they be asked to man Chirurgeon's Point from dusk to
> >>midnight, as well?

This isn't on-topc, but shouldn't the Chirurgeion be available at all
hours?  Does your local emergency room close it's doors after dinner
time?  Don't emergencies happen at night too?

At some events it's not exactly easy to slip down to the corner gas
station, pharmacy, or grocery store to pick up what you've forgotten.
In most cases, somebody else will loan you what you need.  Or, at some
events a truck comes around selling ice, for example.

The nature of an event also loans itself to meeting new people.  You
don't necessarily go to an event knowing you're going to meet somebody
and want to have sex.  You may not even be going with that intent.
It's easy to forget to prepare when it's not on your mind.

I'm not saying the SCA must provide, but somebody providing seems like
a great idea and a good gesture.  Who says they have to donate the condoms
either?  They could be sold.  (Great merchant opportunity here!)  And sell
sunblock, motorcycle helmets, and tent stakes while you're at it.  Maybe
you use your judgment and give them away when the need arises.  Point
being they're available to those who need them.  (That includes married

Preach and lecture on the sins of sex all you want, but sex is going to
happen, condoms or not.  Why not make it a little safer?
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