dentim at dentim at
Wed Jul 23 04:04:33 PDT 1997

>At 12:23 AM 7/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>If those of you who are in the know could give me an estimated headcount 
>>of the folks coming from your area, I would appreciate it.  It would help 
>>in having enough site tokens, gate handouts, tranquilizer guns, etc.....

I'm bringing the wife and kids, so that's uhh, 4 site tokens, ahh. 2 gate
handouts (kids cant read yet) and 1 tranq gun w/ two darts in case the kids
act up. Better include a Condom or two. On second thought, if the kids act
up, I wont need one 'cause, I wont get any :(


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