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Pug Bainter pug at
Wed Jul 23 11:26:43 PDT 1997

> It's sad indeed to think that the 'rights' of children who can barely
> comprehend the potential long-term gravity of their actions outweigh the
> rights of the parents who have struggled and sacrificed for years to raise
> them.

Good Morning,

  Enough is enough folks. I haven't followed most of this thread, due to
  the fact that I don't care either way. If I need a condom, I'll bring
  one or live with it.

  When I pop into it and see stuff like this, I realize it has *nothing*
  to do with the SCA, but is a moral/personal argument based on each of
  our own idealogy. These moral concerns are why the BoD and/or Kingdom
  royals/officers make decisions like these instead of the SCA as a mass
  of individuals. They have to live with and defend the Corporation.

  *If* we were still discussing whether to keep condoms in the chirugeons
  kit, I wouldn't have a problem, but we appear to be far from that at
  this point.

  Please either get on track or take it private please.


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