ANST - Condoms

James Crouchet jtc at
Wed Jul 23 17:54:29 PDT 1997


Folks, Pug said to shut the condom discussion down. It was not a 

For those who may not get it, let me explain. Pug OWNS this list and 
we use it at his considerable forbearance. In return, we must be 
polite while visiting him.

Keeping the list on-topic is considered to be one of the primary 
functions of list owners (at least among the list owner crowd). Most 
lists will simply boot you out if you post off topic. Pug is nicer 
than that; he gave you a warning. I give such warnings on my lists 
too, but if someone ignored them they would vanish at once. Pug is 
nicer than that. But, hey, don't push it.

I hope this was enlightening to those who did not understand how list 
management works.

BTW, yes this message it OFF TOPIC too. I should be ashamed.

M. Dore

PS - If you want to send me a flame, please send it privately to 
jtc at Also, please put the word FLAME in the title so my e-mail 
program can delete it automatically. :->

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