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> I am sending this out to both Ansteorran and KW Dons' Lists and to
> RapierNet
> to try to reach as many Ansteorrans as possible.  Could someone please
> repost
> this to AnsteorraNet, too?  Thanks to the rest of you for your
> indulgence.
> As you all know, this Saturday is Queen's Champion.  This is going to
> be a
> VERY BIG event since it is to be combined with Coronation.  Therefore
> it is
> PARAMOUNT that the tournament be conducted on time and as smoothly as
> possible.  SO:
> 1.  >I< am gonna be starting armor inspection at 0700 Sat morning.  I
> beg/urge/request that as many other Don/as as might join me as soon
> thereafter as possible.  I think it would be very good for us to be
> seen as
> "running" this tournament for our Queen.  
> 2.  The tournament is set to start IMMEDIATELY after Her Highnesses
> opening
> remarks.  That is 0900 SHARP!  Those of you who remember Alisha's last
> Queen's should know that when she says "sharp," she means it.  So, get
> inspected early so you can get signed into the list early, so that you
> can
> warm up early, and help out early, and together we can all get
> everything
> going smoothly without delay.., please.
> 3.  Her Highness still wants the first 2 rounds to be by challenge.
> How this
> will work:
> Immediately after Alisha's remarks (and our recitation of "I, Tivar
> Moondragon, ...") we will form into two lines.  The Dons in one and
> the
> non-Dons in the other.  The Dons will line up in Order of "creation."
> The
> others any way it works out.  To even up the 2 sides the Dons,
> starting with
> Tivar, will go over to the other side and and select someone to come
> over and
> stand with them.  Once the sides are even, the Dons will one by one
> challenge
> someone in the opposing line.  The combattants will then repair to one
> of the
> 8 fields and fight.  At the end of that round, we will AGAIN line up
> and this
> time the non-Dons will challenge the Dons (+).  At the end of this
> second
> challenge round the tournament will be paired like a
> double-elimination.  As
> the number of bouts per field shrinks we will close off the more
> distant
> fields.
> What does this mean?
> A)  To the Dons:  figure out where you fit in chronological order if
> you do
> not already know.  ALSO have in mind several choices for who you would
> like
> to "bring over" and who you want to challenge.  These are gonna be the
> slowest parts of the tournament, but they are the specific desires of
> Her
> Highness.  Report any exceptional acts to her highness.  8 fields are
> a lot
> to watch!
> B)  To the non-Dons:  Have in mind who you want to challenge in the
> second
> round.
> C) To ALL: Please do not tarry.  Promptly report to your assigned
> field for
> your bouts.  There are going to be 8 fields, as I said, so you will
> NOT be
> able to rely on the heralds' calls to "make ready."  Please move
> swiftly back
> into lines for the second round of challenges.  Fight cleanly and
> honorably
> and reconcile any disputes on the field.  
> 4.  Please, please, please take care of yourselves.  The temperature
> is
> expected to be c. 99 degrees.  The site is virtually devoid of breeze
> and is
> situated right next to a river, making the humidy quite high.  Please
> drink
> lots of fluids and mind that tempers flare quickly in such weather.
> At
> Alisha's last Queen's we had NO heat casualties in the tournament
> (heat index
> 106 degrees).  I want to keep my record clean.
> 5. FINALLY, to everyone, fighters and non-fighters alike, please
> volunteer to
> herald, run list cards, water-bear, serve feast, and marshal.  More
> hands
> make lighter work.
> I thank you all for your attention and hope you all have a safe trip
> to our
> event.
> Jasper Sommerfield
> Coordinator, Queen's Champion Tournament
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