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In a message dated 97-07-22 21:38:44 EDT, Eowyn writes:

> I would give the condoms to the minors.  However, I would also feel 
>  obligated to counsel them.  I am able to counsel by the Texas 
>  Department of Health.  Others may not feel so obligated.  I've not 
>  looked lately, but I believe most condoms have instructions.

Very few of the individual packages that I have seen really do...
>  It is my opinion that providing condoms to minors is not treatment 
>  nor is it dispensement of treatment.

However counsel is considered treatment, and very few warranted
chirurgeons will be qualified / trained as formal counselors. I am not
completely familiar with the current Texas law in such matters,
but know from my college coursework (B.S. Psychology, OSU, '81)
that it requires a minimum of a Masters and specific training as
a counselor in order to advertise or provide psychological 
counselling services -- or direct supervision by such an individual 
while in pursuit of one's own certification.
Reproductive counselling functions under looser rules to the best of
my knowledge, but let's just say that the potential liability, modern-day,
should make most adults think twice and reconsider three times
before performing such services for minors.
>  The minors, if they show up together to request this service, are 
>  obviously of a mind to engage in sexual activity.  Supplying the 
>  condom will at least provide some form of protection.

Agreed. However, speaking for myself, I would be sore pressed
before I would just point into my personal medkit and allow the
youths in this hypothetical situation to remove a condom.

For the record: I am not currently a warranted chirurgeon, but I
am over-trained in basic first aid (have been an instructor in the 
past, etc.) I keep condoms in my kit for multiple reasons having
NOTHING (directly) to do with sexual activity. Condoms may be
used to hold wound dressings in place , as constriction bands,
as a finger cot when checking for foreign matter in the mouth
and upper throat of a patient in respiratory arrest, and even as 
an emergency rescue-breathing barrier (not as good as a 
commercial mouthpiece, but enough to avoid the worst of
the *immediate* natural consequences of most rescue breathing

Of course, in this age and time I keep condoms on hand for 
other, more personal reasons as well...
>  I would probably be naive enough to think they were of an adult 
>  status anyway.  I find it difficult to distinguish most adolescents 
>  from young adults.  I am not familiar with the chiurgeonate's rules 
>  and regulations to know whether or not they "card" anyone requesting 
>  their services.

Ah, but the hypothesis included direct knowledge of the two youth's
ages. And if there is any doubt, I'm perfectly willing to ask. Then,
some people have always thought that I was a little rude anyway.
As a blade merchant, I feel that it is my duty to ask if I am in doubt
as to the years a potential customer may have lived in this life. It is 
no less the case when I am asked to provide any but the most 
emergency types of care.

I don't know about you, but since the imposition of "the bracelet
rule" there should be no doubt as to the age break. Else I would 
observe that the rule is not being enforced or is unenforceable.
(An entirely different discussion, and not one that makes for 
friendly teatime chat, I fear...) 
>  I'm looking forward to reading the responses to this hypothetical 
>  situation.
I'm catching up on reading this thread, and thought the reactions
and info from a trained first-responder might be of use.

Amra / Kihe / Mike

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