ANST - Condoms

Pug Bainter pug at
Thu Jul 24 05:47:10 PDT 1997

> Folks, Pug said to shut the condom discussion down. It was not a 
> suggestion.

Just FYI. I did not shut it down *yet*. If it doesn't stay atleast
vaguely related to the SCA I will. Discussions of parental rights about
doctor records is not. Knowledge/permission for "giving" condoms to
minors is vaguely since we have to set policies and procedures up, but
that did not appear to be the current discussion.

Now for a bit of trivia. In the 2 1/2 years of running this list, I have
yet to shutdown a topic for being too far afield. That even includes
flame wars and what not. I believe this is only my second or third time
to have to even mention it. (The other 1 or 2 were associated with
flaming.) In that time, I've only made the list moderated once when a
mail server went balistic.

I am a very laidback list admin so please don't make me do anything about
it. I won't enjoy it and neither will my lady.

Thank you.


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