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Lenny Zimmermann zarlor at
Thu Jul 24 07:17:08 PDT 1997

On Wed, 23 Jul 1997 22:46:16 EST, Lorraine wrote:

>There is a swimming area on site but it would be a really good 
>Idea to bring shoes you can wear into the water.
>There is only one shower unless the sponsoring groups have
>figured out how to provide more. 

As there were no quotes and I seem to have missed the original message
I am not sure if this was in response to the Queen's/Coronation/King's
event site in Gonzales or not. If so then yes, the Gonzales river does
run next to the site, but it is fairly high right now and the current
is fairly strong. If you wish to wade or swim, you do so at your own
risk, and I would certainly recommend shoes as there is a lot of
debris left over from the heavy rain and flooding we had several weeks

As for showers, there are, I believe, 2 or 3 working showers in the
Men's restroom and 1 or 2 showers for the Ladies. (I think they are in
the process of finishing a few more showers, unless they did finish
them). We WILL have 3-5 more portable showers set-up. We are expecting
a high turnout so it is possible that despite the additional showers,
there may be some longer lines at them after the fighting. 

We are expecting weather close to 100 degrees with lots of humidity (I
LOVE humidity, but I'm just weird that way!) so please be prepared for
hot weather and DRINK LOTS OF LIQUIDS! We do, thankfully, have copious
amounts of shade and a lot of water easily available throughout the
site. There is SOME electricity available, but unless you arrive very
early with the intent of grabbing an outlet, don't expect that you
will automatically have access. (And if any of you do set-up
electrical cords and appliances, please do us a great courtesy and
make some attempt to hide their mundanity for us.)

I wish everyone to have a good time. I'll certainly do what I can to
be a good host, so if you have any problems come see me. If I can't
help you, I'm sure my wife, the Steward for this event, can. Please
enjoy and take care of yourselves.

Honos Servio,
Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg
(mka Lenny Zimmermann, San Antonio)
zarlor at

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