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Thu Jul 24 07:47:00 PDT 1997

Galen of Bristol here...

Don Jasper wrote:
>+ -- RapierNet - From HSRachel at --
>Immediately after Alisha's remarks (and our recitation of "I, Tivar
>Moondragon, ...")

I am heralding much of the Coronation ceremony Saturday evening,
and the ceremony His Highness has sent to me has the Legion Oath
("I, Tivar Moondragon, ...") taking place in the evening.  I presume that
this is because the oath is sworn to the _Queen_, and Alisha won't
be Queen until that evening.  I wouldn't look for it before the list, but
don't worry, TRH's haven't forgotten it.

Submitted in the interest of minimizing unpleasant surprises...

 - Galen of Bristol
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