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Lori Jones LJONES at
Wed Jul 23 11:42:20 PDT 1997

> > several days ago, I wrote:
> > Doesn't almost everyone have a friend (or know
> > someone who knows someone) who could loan them one?  

> -Karl von Augsburg replied:
> I find "loan" a peculiar term for this particular item.  When somebody
> loans me something, I give it back when I'm done using it.

I agree, I probably should have used the word "give" for my actual 
meaning to be clear.  I just tend to assume (wrongly sometimes) 
that everyone else follows my same train of thought.  See, I consider 
this type of loan to be something akin to borrowing say, a cup of 
sugar.  I wouldn't give them back the *exact same* cup of sugar when 
I repayed the loan, but rather, a nice, fresh cup of sugar - just 
like the one they loaned me!  

Sorry, I should have payed more attention to correct verb usage when 
I finished my english minor.  :-)

Of course, in the SCA, I've noticed that most of the time the 
opportunity to repay someone's generosity is most often found in 
being able to show the same generosity to someone else in need.  
Kinda neat, how that works....

Kat (english, it's like a second language to me...) MacLochlainn

Lori Campbell
Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics

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