ANST - Re: chirurgeon availability

Lori Jones LJONES at
Wed Jul 23 15:43:40 PDT 1997

> shouldn't the Chirurgeion be available at all
> hours?  Does your local emergency room close it's doors 
> after dinner time?  Don't emergencies happen at night too?

For the most part, chirurgeons are always available.  Many I know fly 
a banner outside their tents to identify themselves.   It is in the 
nature of most chirurgeons (at least the ones I know) to give 
first-aid any time they hear a chirurgeon is needed.  They get up in 
the middle of the night or early in the morning.  They leave classes 
they've been waiting months to attend.  They drop out of tournaments 
and competitions, etc..  All these things in the name of helping out.

I think we have to consider just how much we want to require 
from a the local officer.  Keep in mind that the people who volunteer 
to be chirurgeons are often mundanely in the medical profession.  
They get to deal with this kind of stuff all the time, in addition 
to often working weird hours.  Just like the rest of us, they 
go to events to relax and have fun.  

I'm all for people volunteering their services in whatever organized 
fashion they want to.  I just know how hard it is to get enough 
people to work gate, or clean privies, or herald a large tournament, 
etc. It just seems whenever we make something a "requirement", 
it makes what is done out of kindness seem more like work.   

- Kat MacL. 

Lori Campbell
Oklahoma School of Science and Math

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