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Lori Jones LJONES at
Wed Jul 23 16:00:42 PDT 1997

> Eowyn here -

> ...It is my opinion that providing condoms to minors is not 
> treatment nor is it dispensement of treatment.
>  <snip>
> I am not familiar with the chiurgeonate's rules 
> and regulations to know whether or not they "card" anyone
> requesting their services...

I'd always thought that the name "chirurgeon" only identified 
individuals willing to offer basic assistance in emergency 
situations.  It doesn't, as far as I know, give anyone permission 
or "license" to treat even a cut finger.  The bottom line being, a 
chirurgeon assumes all personal liability when they offer medical 
assistance based on their own professed credentials.  I believe, in 
order to be warranted, an individual only has to be able to 
administer basic first-aid.  I'm not even sure if CPR is 
required. It seems to me that a chirurgeon would be ahead of the 
game to make sure someone was of age before assisting them in any 
fashion.  They should definitely obtain parental consent before 
giving them anything designated as a supply from the chirurgeon's 

(another  $.02)

- Kat MacL.

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Lori Campbell
Oklahoma School of Science and Math

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