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damaris damaris at
Fri Jul 25 03:55:15 PDT 1997

Angus mac Taggart/Rik Packham wrote:
> By the way, the latest (and probably, last) update to the Coronation website
> page before the blessed event (how are all of Ansteorra going to fit into
> that one site I do not know) has been completed and published. There is a
> map to the site! There are the arms of the two hosting baronies! The Arms of
> Ansteorra! Pictures of the current and future Crown of Ansteorra!
> Information on many of the events happening! And MORE!
> Come by and visit, gawk, oggle, oooh, aaaw, and (most definitely) print! All
> brought to you by the Baronies of Bryn Gwlad and Bjornsborg!
> Laird Angus mac Taggart
> Virtual Scribe Bryn Gwlad
> Twilight Herald
> Deputy Chronicler of Bryn Gwlad
> Deputy Halberd Pursuivant
> Virtual Scribe to the Crossroads of the S.C.A.

BTW Angus, I want to publicly say that I'm very proud that to be able to
your my deputy.  You've done terrific work as the Virtual Scribe of Bryn
If you all haven't yet seen the website do check it out at:

Damaris of Greenhill
Chronicler, Bryn Gwlad.

 ***If it walks out of the refrigerator on its own,  let it

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