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                          DETERIORATA PT. 2
                      (The Dark Horde version!)

Go nastily amid the Peace and Tranquility, and remember what
satisfaction there may be in Genocide. As far as possible, without
surrender, move into other people's space. Lie often, and loudly, and
listen to the lies of others, even the slow and incompetent - examples
can be made of them later. * Seek out meek and inoffensive persons:
they are annoying, but fun to kill. Do not bother comparing yourself
to others: Those greater than you will eventually be eliminated, and
those lesser then you are dead already. Fart in Grand Processionals. *
 Depose your superior as quickly as possible: your career, however
exalted, is not worth an Ansteorran Thaler if one of your juniors gets
it over your dead body. Exercize caution around Vikings and Celts.
They are crazier than we are: a Celtic Mongol is an awesome thing
indeed. Make him or her your Friend. *  But let Life not blind you to
the happier side of things: many Hats are swaggering, tinplated
dictators with delusions of godhood, and everywhere Life is full of
Incompetence. Advance yourself. Especially do not feign meanness,
neither be cynical about Hate: you are not likely to run out of
either. *  Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully
surrendering the joys of defenestration and evisceration for more
mature pleasures. Nurture a deep-seated suspicion of chag'ua women
with big boobs: you never can tell. File your teeth regularly.
Discipline is important: practice holding it in between events. *  You
are a Scourge of the World, no less than Atilla or the Great Ghengis
Himself: you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear
to you, no doubt the Known Worlde is going to pieces in a most
laudable manner. *  Therefore, do your utmost to annoy the Great
Destroyer, however you may conceive of Him: BoD or the People's Will;
and, whatever your plans of conquest, as you wade thru the morasses of
Peace with fire and sword, annoy your Soul. *  With all it's Truth,
High Resolve, and Courage, the Known World still has it's Ugly Spots
and Fubba-Wubbas. Be thoughtless. Strive to be miserable.

found carved into the back of a MidRealm fighter at  Pennsic, AS 
23. No damn Copyright. Post no Bills. This means YOU! Courtesy of 
White Oak Khanate and the Western Irgun.


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