ANST - Financial Questions about The Black Star

William H. Herron III wherron at
Sun Jul 27 18:12:39 PDT 1997

Unto the assembled personages of the Ansteorran mailing list do I bring
greetings and salutations from HL William FitzBubba, former Deputy
Kingdom Chronicler for Financial Reporting.

This is an attempt at rumor control.  My apologies to anyone who feel
that this is a waste of bandwidth.  Please strike the "next" button on
your browser.

There is a rumor going around the kingdom (my source heard it in Elfsea,
but you may have heard it elsewhere) that there were financial
irregularities with the Office of the Black Star.  One version of this
rumor has it that a local group gave a check to the Office of the Black
Star that was returned for insufficient funds, and this resulted in a
non-businesslike letter being sent to the local group demanding payment
of the debt or else.

This is not true.

As Barat's deputy for financial reporting, I was responsible for the
finances of the Black Star between December of 1996 and July of 1997.  I
prepared all financial reports during that time, and also handled the
financial paperwork for the Black Star during the period.

The Black Star is financially solvent, and all of the bookkeeping is
current through the first of this month.  I have turned the appropriate
records over to HL Claryce, the new Kingdom Chronicler, and to the best
of my knowledge everything is true and correct.

There was one check bounced to the Office of the Black Star during my
tenure.  It was a check by an individual.  This individual apologized
when notified of the discrepancy, and paid an amount in excess of the
check amount plus the service charge to resolve the debt.  No local
groups have bounced any checks to the Black Star during my service.

If anyone has a specific complaint about the financial activities of the
Black Star during this period, please feel free to contact myself or the
Office of the Black Star. Your efforts would be appreciated. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize again for all of this.  I've been a
treasurer in the Society, in one way or another, for over five years
now.  Quite frankly, a great deal of my reputation is involved in my
ability to do my job as a treasurer.  For anyone to suggest that I have
done a less than satisfactory job is to question my service to the

I thank you for your time and consideration.

HL William FitzBubba


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