ANST - missing wallet

dentim at dentim at
Tue Jul 29 08:33:47 PDT 1997

Good morning, all on the Ansteorra list.

I regret to say that my wallet, laden with necessities, was taken from my
pavillion after dark at the Coronation tournament Saturday evening.  Inside
the wallet I had cash, credit cards, medical certifications needed for
Chiurgeoning, social security cards, my husbands fighter's authorization
card, and both drivers liscences.  The thing I miss the most however are the
pictures of my kids when they were very young.  

If you know of who has this wallet, please encourage it's return,
anonymously, to my home address at:  Denni Lozos
                        1001 Winding Road
                        College Station, TX  77840

                        or call (409) 693-7600 ANY TIME

No questions will be asked.

I appreciate any and all replies.

Thank you,
Allysyn Kranidious



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