ANST - Bryn Gwlad's Fighter Practice

Dottie Elliott macdj at
Tue Jul 29 08:39:43 PDT 1997

Paul Gilbert 7/28/97 5:50 PM

>Greetings from Ravens Fort:
>When does Bryn Gwlad hold their fighter (heavy) practice?
>Perhaps it is on Sunday afternoon. I would like to know.
>I will be in Austin this weekend for another hobby event and 
>hopefully (?????) I will be finished by about noon and can attend if  
>is on Sunday.

Nikolas, our fighter practices our held on Tuesday evenings 
unfortunately.  Maybe someone else here will be able to do an impromptu 
one with you. My lord would be interested but we will already be on our 
way to Pennsic.


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