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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Tue Jul 29 08:40:24 PDT 1997

Daniel de Lincoln gives some good items about running a court, but 

2) for the Lord's sake, give your court herald warning and wait until
he's ready!  The only time I've ever been tempted to regicide was
where I was the baronial backup herald at Steppes Warlord's big court,
and for some unknown reason that particular Crown decided to start
without their herald and their award scrolls.  We were 7 minutes from
the end of baronial court before the herald (a quite competant fellow,
I should note) was located -- he and a scribe were off finishing the
scrolls.  7 minutes from telling two people "sorry, we're not
elevating you to peerages tonight like we said".  7 minutes from
telling everyone "we'll have to have a big court on Sunday instead".
7 mintues from making everyone at that end of the court look foolish.

My question, is: Why the ruckus? Yes, it would be nice to have the
scroll at the time the award is presented, particularly with the
lower level awards which only have the scroll as acknowledgment. But
a period comes with a lot more doo-dads. Is there some requirement
that says you can't hold a peerage ceremony without the scroll? Yes,
it looks bad (to those who might notice) but is that reason to stop
the ceremony and blatantly call notice to the mistake? I think you
could do the ceremony and then give the recipent the scroll later.

Lord Stefan li Rous
Southern Ansteorra
markh at


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