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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Tue Jul 29 09:06:27 PDT 1997

Ailikn asked:

         I just have two quick questions for the gentles that are 
conducting the college this weekend. 

... could 
somebody please, please, please run a list of the classes?  I'm sorry if 
this is wasting somebody's bandwidth but i'd really appreciate!  

I don't think this is a waste of bandwidth. If this is the kingdom Dance
Symposium, I would also like to see the schedule of classes. This helps
lessen the crush of people at the door and I can plan my day in more
care if I have time to study the classes rather than making quick choices
at the door.

A pointer to a Website for the Dance Symposium would also work.

Lord Stefan li Rous
Southern Ansteorra
markh at


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