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Mitchell, Paul T MTCHPTAA at
Tue Jul 29 10:44:00 PDT 1997

>Is there some requirement
>that says you can't hold a peerage ceremony without the scroll? Yes,
>it looks bad (to those who might notice) but is that reason to stop
>the ceremony and blatantly call notice to the mistake? I think you
>could do the ceremony and then give the recipent the scroll later.
>Lord Stefan li Rous
>Southern Ansteorra
>markh at

In fact, that's just what _usually_ happens, Stefan.  Certainly I got
my knighting scroll four months after my knighting (a masterful
job by Cynric, before he was a Master), and I considered that
to be quite prompt.  Mahadi & Valeria didn't get county scrolls
this past weekend.  But I think Daniel was more distressed
at the absence of the herald, rather than the absence of the

 - Galen of Bristol
(who at least remembered to sign this post)
pmitchel at (hm)
paul.t.mitchell at (wk)


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