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Unto the Good Folk on the Ansteorran mailing list!

Galen of Bristol here!

Kingdom Dance & Music Symposium is this coming Saturday, the
2nd of August.  Contact Baroness Zara Zina (zarazina at
for crash space.  The website for this event again is:

The schedule of dance isn't there yet, but should be this evening.
The Dance classes are listed below.

I don't have a schedule of what music classes there will be;
Master Avatar is coordinating those.

Viscount Galen (pmitchel at is coordinating
European Dance Classes.

Duchess Willow (willowdewisp at is coordinating
Middle Eastern Classes.

There will be a mini-tourney the next morning, at 10:00 in
Randol Mill Park in Arlington.

Site opens at 8:00 am, classes start at 8:30.  Court around
lunchtime, masque ball in the evening.  More info in the _July_
(not August) _Black Star_.

The class schedule is subject to change.

As it stands now (again, subject to change!)
the dance classes are (Rooms 1 & 2 have European
dance classes, Rooms A & B have Middle Eastern
Dance Classes):

8:30 am.:

Room 1 - "Fighters Who Can't or Won't Dance and the
Gentles Who Love Them" - Viscount Galen of Bristol,
teaching Pease Bransle and Hole in the Wall.

Room 2 - "Beginning Court & Country Dances" - Lady
Anne Cormac teaching her own dance creations.

Room A - "Basic Warmup" - Lady Deidra teaches
how not to hurt yourself in middle eastern dance.

Room B - "Hair and Hairpieces" - Lady Brigit
8:45 am. :

Room B - "Musical Props and Coffee" - Lady Meara
9:00 am

Room A - "Basic Middle Eastern Dance" - Lady Zahara

Room B - "Cane and Other Props" - Lady Delphina
9:30 am

Room 1 - "Intermediates" - Philip of House Bloodstone
teaches 'Picking Up Sticks', 'Rufti Tufti', 'Pepper's Black',
'If All the World Were Paper'.

Room 2 - "Advanced Court and Country Dances" -
Lady Anne Cormac

Room A - "Basic Walks" - Lady Kirsten

Room B - "Dance Etiquette" - Lady Delphina

10:00 am

Room A - "Beginning Drumming" - Lady Layla

Room B - "Period Persian Dance" - Lady Meara

10:30 am

Room 1 - "Intermediates" continues

Room 2 - "Beginning Bransles" - Lady Peronelle
11:30 am

All rooms:  Lunch & court

1:00 pm

Room 1 - "Whirlygig" - Geoffrey of the Bay

Room 2 - "Almans" - Elin the Timid

Room A - "Costuming" - Lady Delphina & Lady Deidra

Room B - " Intermediate Drumming" - Lord Hakon & Lord Delvos
2:00 pm

Room 1 - "Whirlygig" continues

Room 2 - "Candlelit Pavane" - Lady Allessandra teaches her
dance creation, performed by royal command at Steppes
12th Night.

Room A - "Isolations" - Lady Deidra

Room B - Open middle eastern music jam.
2:30 pm

Room A - "Arms & Hands" - Lady Momoko

Room 1 - "More Dance Basics" - Lord Daniel of Cameron
teaches a class designed for the musicians who are always
playing and never get to dance!

Room 2 - "Black Alman" - Lady Peronelle reprises the
class she taught at Squires', but with fewer students
in armor, we hope!

Room A - "How to Interact With Your Dancers/Drummers" -
Lady Momoko, Lady Deidra, Lady Delphina.

Room B - Go to room A.

From:  ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG
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To:  Mitchell, Paul T; ansteorra
Subject:  Re: ANST - St. Thompson's Co

Ailikn asked:

         I just have two quick questions for the gentles that are
conducting the college this weekend.

... could
somebody please, please, please run a list of the classes?  I'm sorry if
this is wasting somebody's bandwidth but i'd really appreciate!

I don't think this is a waste of bandwidth. If this is the kingdom Dance
Symposium, I would also like to see the schedule of classes. This helps
lessen the crush of people at the door and I can plan my day in more
care if I have time to study the classes rather than making quick choices
at the door.

A pointer to a Website for the Dance Symposium would also work.

Lord Stefan li Rous
Southern Ansteorra
markh at

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