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Tue Jul 29 13:51:56 PDT 1997

This is a non-paid, non-political announcement, brought to you on 
behalf of the autocrats of St. Thompson's College (Aug. 2).


Here's a flyer for "St." Thompson's College, as in our paid ad in the 
BlackStar.  Our goal is to present a collegium instructed mainly by 
members of the peerages.  A few other talented folk, with at least an 
Iris in their area of expertise have been asked to join us.

Our curriculum is aimed towards hands on demonstrations of crafts not 
currently being taught on a broad basis here in the Northern Region.  
We're also trying to present classes designed for persona enrichment 
and development.  

At present our schedule is filling out nicely, but if you'd like to 
participate, we'd love to accomodate you.  Give us a call.

We are also collecting hand-crafted items for a drawing to help 
defray some of our teachers' travel expenses.  Items will be on 
display at the event and tickets are available now.  We are 
considering waiving the site fee for instructors.

There will be an artisans display.  We are encouraging that people 
bring an item of largess to be presented as seen fit.

In service,

Mistress Anastacia Marie Travarra
Mistress Alex Tiberga of Aachen

  Please see the BlackStar announcement for event specifics.

Saint Thompsons classes confirmed at this time include, but are not 
limited to:

Voice and court heraldry: Mstr. Lucais de Belier

Woodcarving:  Mstr. Daniel BlackAxe

Italian under dress:  Msts. Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere

Persona roundtable:  Mstr. Pepin de Moronis

Forge craft (bring grubbies):  Mstr. Tarl Godric

The Knight in the SCA:  Sir Burke MacDonald

Gottland slide show:  Mstr. Michael Fenwick & 
           Msts. Roane Fairggae of Lochlann

Fabric painting:  Sir Barn Silveraxe

How to layout an A&S display:  Msts. Anastacia Marie Travarra

Viking world view & Working with fimo (bring a block of fimo for 
class):  Msts. Gunnora Hallakarva

Fleece to yarn (all day):  Msts. Custance nic Raibert Macconnachie

Scroll painting techniques:  Msts. Anastacia Marie Travarra
          Msts. Alix Tiberga of Aachen

Naalbinding:  Msts. Alix Tiberga of Aachen

Enameling on metal:  Bs. Katrionna MacLochlainn

Card & Inkle weaving:  HL Annabella Marie Fitzsimmons & 
          HL Claryce Orfevre & Ly Khadija bint Umar

Storytelling:  LH Fionnagain Dubh



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