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Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at
Tue Jul 29 14:42:34 PDT 1997

Heilsa, All!

	I don't have a peerage scroll, nor promissory.  When I get my arms passed
(sometime this lifetime, I hope, I am on my fourth or fifth design) I will
commission someone to do me one.  Meanwhile I have a crown of real laurel
leaves hanging on my wall, which I plan to carefully place in a shadow box
frame sometime Real Soon Now.

	It would have been difficult to have incorporated a scroll into my
ceremony, as it was done in an extremely Viking format of Ragnar Ulfgarsson
bringing a lawsuit against the king for failing to recognize my worth...
testimony was provided by a Laurel, a Pelican, and a Knight.  Kief, when
giving his Knightly testimony, extemporized about ten minutes of amazing
alliterative p[oetry extolling my virtues.  Hearing that poetry was worth
more to me than any ten scrolls illuminated by masters of the scrivener's art.

Wæs Þu Hæl (Waes Thu Hael)


Gunnora Hallakarva
Ek eigi visa þik hversu oðlask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna heldr hversu na Hersis-Aðal
(Ek eigi thik hversu odhlask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna heldr hversu na Hersis-Adhal)


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