ANST - Fimo Carving???

dentim at dentim at
Tue Jul 29 15:43:41 PDT 1997

Dearest Ailikn of the Barony of the Eldern Hills,

Fimo is this premixed colored hardish clay-like stuff that you can buy at
craft stores everywhere for a few bucks.  Its really popular with the
'retro' adolescent crowd because you can slice it, poke a whole in the
center, and the layered colors make a cool design---then you can string it
on a neclace or something.
The stuff is really neat, and we used it for our clients in the OT
department in Stroke Recovery to work on fine motor skills (as you work with
it and it gets warmer, it gets easier to use)

Go pick up some and play!

In Service, (and by the way, your questions are intelligent, too!)

Allysyn Kranidious


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