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Tue Jul 29 17:39:13 PDT 1997

At 04:54 PM 7/29/97 -0500, you wrote:
>How did you first get started in the SCA and how old were you?
I was a part-time theatre arts student, and some of my classmates had gotten
interested in the SCA. I heard them talking about it and it sounded like
something I would be interested in. I was over 29 :-)

>What make you stay?
The people, and a need for a stress outlet for job burnout.

>What did you do to develop your personna and why did you choose it/them?
First, I chose Scottish because my mother is descended from Clan Chisholm,
and the Celts were among the more flamboyant of the historic Europeans. I
chose 11th century because Celtic garb of that period was within my sewing
skills. I filled in details to explain things such as my arthritis (a riding
accident when twelve broke my ankle) and love of music (I left home and
became a wandering bard until the arthritis began to plague me). And as my
name contained my father's name Ronan and grandfather's name Calum the
family tree gradually filled in. I would in the future like to develop an
alternate Jewish persona named Eleazar bar Joseph (final period form may be
different) honoring my father's partial Jewish ancestry.



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