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Paul Gilbert vis_pfg at
Tue Jul 29 13:59:59 PDT 1997


In addition to the Ravens Forters that you have listed, the following 
were also honored by TE Mahdi and Valaria.

My son, Arturus Albus Ursus was awarded the Order of the Rising Star 
for his service to the Barony of Ravens Fort and the Dream for a young 
person under the age of 18.

Lord Bjarki Bjarkmal was awarded his AoA.

Lord Henri Molineaux was awarded the Queens Glove from HE Valaria for 
his service to her.

Ivan the Hedgehog was taken as Squire to Sir Kief.

VIVAT to all that received awards and serve the Dream.

Nikolas Vasilievich of Ravens Fort

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