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LdAlexndr at LdAlexndr at
Tue Jul 29 19:45:58 PDT 1997

Unto the Citizens of The Kingdom of Ansteorra...

Though I will be in attendance at St Thompsons College temporarily, I will be
unable to teach the class for which I'm scheduled, "STORYTELLING". This is
due to mundane and personal responsibilities. If you were planning on
attending this class, I regretfully apologize for any let down this might
have caused you. If I am approached on this matter in a derogatory fashion, I
will answer in a fashion for which I am rather notorious. My levels of apathy
are rather high at this point. 

Vaguely Yours, 
HL Fionnagain Dubh
"Don't let the "Honorable Lord" fool you."

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