ANST - Coronation loss

dennis grace amazing at
Tue Jul 29 22:53:38 PDT 1997

Greetings, Cosyns,

Lyonel ici.

Bryn Gwlad's Connor Son of Clure informed me this evening that he lost a
pager at Coronation.  He believes he may have left it sitting in a
portapotty (don't know why, didn't think pagers needed to--well, I'm off
topic).  If anyone found a pager, please contact Carey McClure, Home:
244-7460, Work:  918-0977 or leave a message at 908-9104 (he can still get
voice mail if you call in the evenings, but obviously he can't answer pages,
so don't punch in a phone number).  

Many thanks, 

Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace
Dennis Grace
University of Texas at Austin
English Department
Recovering Medievalist
amazing at

Micel yfel deth se unwritere.
                           Ælfric of York


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