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Michelle Hall mhall at
Wed Jul 30 00:35:31 PDT 1997

Greetings all.  What a fascinating discussion we are having.  I joined the
SCA when I was 22.  I had met a man and ended up working for him at the
Colorado Renn Fair.  During that time I made friends with the local SCA. 
Shortly thereafter, I started my second year of medical school in Dallas. 
I noticed that all of my friends were medical students and decided that I
needed  to get a life, so I looked up the local SCA.  The first thing I
went to was a Steppes dance practice, and I was so warmly welcomed by THL
Vashti of the Flaming Tresses that I was hooked.  During the next three
years, the friends I made in the SCA kept me sane.  When you are caught up
in something so life-consuming as the medical education process in this
country, you need a life-line, and the SCA has been that for me.  The man
who introduced me to the SCA has long since disappeared from my life, but
the friends I made will be friends for life.  When I moved to California 2
years ago, the members of the local SCA welcomed me here.  Once again,
they have been my major source for life outside of medicine.  I stay
because I need you guys.

My persona (such as it is) is Elizabethan.  Persona development has not
been a major goal for me.  I'm too busy learning all of the diverse things
that spark my interest to concentrate on things Elizabethan.  Someday my
life will be a little less busy (A girl can dream, can't she?) and I'll
devote a little more effort to persona.

In Service to the Dream
Mary Teresa Hathaway

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