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Wed Jul 30 06:39:36 PDT 1997

Sir Gunthar wrote:

>How did you first get started in the SCA and how old were you?
>What make you stay?
>What did you do to develop your personna and why did you choose it/them?

This is a rather red-eared story...

At 15, a skinny kid with braces and a big mouth (some things don't change)
had planned an exciting weekend of Dungeons and Dragons.  Knowing that an
older friend he knew at school was interested in "medieval stuff", he
invited the friend over.

"Its going to be *AWESOME*, Brent- there's even gonna be a *girl* there!"
says I.

Brent gave me a level stare and replied that he had something better to do
that weekend- the real thing, in fact.  He was actually going to dress up in
armor and play at knights and maidens... *note the plurality of the word
"maidens"- this piqued my attention.  He goes on to say that I would be
better off going with him to this "event" rather than gorging myself on
stale pizza and swilling sodas while six other guys try to flirt with the
only girl present.

The long and the short of it: the "event" turned out to be Estrella War and
there were juuuuuust a bit more than a few "maidens" there.  I got to whack
on people with sticks, gorge myself on stale pizza, swill soda, and, most
importantly to a hormone ridden 15-year-old, meet girls who wore dresses cut
significantly lower than the norm at my conservative high school.

The movie, "Highlander", was just out and was reason enough to be Scottish
for me.  Angus mac Ingram was born. (don't even ask where I got "Ingram"; I
don't know... I just count myself lucky that I didnt choose "Voltan
Dragonmaster, Slayer of Currs")

So, twelve years, six kingdoms, two knights, three suits of armor,
innumerable tourneys, four magic moments, three men-at-arms, one Lady, two
personas, and an epiphany about how-and-why-I-play later, here I am. 

Want to know one of the nicest things about moving from Kingdom to Kingdom?
Nobody remembers when you were Scottish! :þ

>Simple enough questions but they generated some fascinating answers.

Thanks for the forum, Sir!

Centurion Dieterich Kempenich von Eltz


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