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Wed Jul 30 07:35:40 PDT 1997

At 07:33 AM 7/30/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Greetings to our most wonderful subject Timo from HRM Alisha...
>Timo,  We do wish to discuss with you your choice of words describing 
>left handed persons, especially yourself.
>We do know of the horrible oppression that 'lefties' have felt over the 
>years in history.   
>But it is at this time do We feel that you are not scum nor sucking nor 
>a mutant.       
>It is indeed fashionable to be left handed for our Reign.       
>We are certain HRM Kein would agree.
>                                Sincerely,  
>                                    HRM Alisha      
>ps: just a little fun :)
But your Majesty,  we of the proper hand bear Master Daud's title with
honor.  No other group of fighters has been so feared as to spontaneously
cause a title to be created for them by popular pain.  I rejoice in the
fact the our stellar throne once again has the proper perspective on the

Yours in proper handed service,

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

mka Burke McCrory
email:  burkemc at

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