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Wed Jul 30 10:00:34 PDT 1997

Since we're all telling stories of the old days, here's mine;

1) How did you first get started in the SCA and how old were you?
It was March 1983 and I was nearly 21.  I had been looking for a Kendo 
instructor in Tulsa, OK (Northkeep).  I had called the Public Library, 
and the only thing they had listed under swords and martial arts was 
the SCA.  There were two local numbers listed, so I called the first 
(Cerelia de Lacy of Sherborne).  I visited with her and Rafael Diego de 
Burgos at their home, where I was made welcome.  They treated me like 
one of the family, and when Rafael put me in armor and showed me what 
he knew of fighting, I was hooked.  Been here ever since.  Moral: 

2) What made you stay?
Being accepted for who I am.  The camaraderie, the fighting, the "magic 
moments", friends whom I call family.  Only having one club to learn 
the insides of, yet having a thousand hobbies.  Chivalry as a 
philosophy of life, not just rules on the field. A society that goes 
beyond local borders. Like the Catholic Church, of which I am a part, I 
like to know that I can visit any SCA group in the world, yet the basic 
tenants remain the same.  Small nuances are the only real differences. 
 Kind of a universalizing nature.  I may fight Trimarians because they 
are "the enemy" right now, but after the battles are over I can revel 
with them as comrades in arms.  Hard to do this in the modern world.

3) What did you do to develop your persona and why did you choose 
I originally started out as a 6th Century Saxon raiding England. 
 Mostly it was because I wouldn't wear "tights", but my biological 
family is originally from the Hamburg area, and not knowing enough of 
geography, I thought that was Saxony.  Besides, all the good history 
books were written in English (I thought) so it made "research" easier. 
My name at the time, for example, was in LaReina Rule's "Book of Baby 
Names", which I have been told is good documentation :)  -- Eldred 
Talen Godwinsson.

After playing for a number of years I decided that my persona was too 
limiting, so I did a lot of research (two Bachelors Degrees in History 
& Social Studies helped) and changed to a 14th Century Bavarian Lord 
and took the name Talen Gustaf von Marienburg.  BTW, though I am the 
ONLY TALEN registered in the Known World, the name actually is 
documented as first occurring in 12th Century Germany.  Also, I decided 
I *could* wear "tights" (hose).  I incorporated my stints away from 
Ansteorra for military service into the persona as "Crusades in 
Lithuania".  One of the things that inspires me is the heraldic 
pageantry, and it was at it's best in the 14th Century.  Nationalism, 
too, was just appearing.  As well as the jupon period of armor.  Great 
costumes but not as complicated as that which came later.  I am still 
researching and refining my persona.  I don't think that will ever 

Yes, Gunthar, they are interesting questions.  I think it is good at 
times to look back on our past and remember why we do this, since most 
of us wouldn't put near as much effort into this if it was a paid job.

Centurion Talen Gustaf von Marienburg, Kriegsherr von Nordsteorra
Ritterlichkeit und Ehre ---- Chivalry and Honour
Personal E-mail: talen at
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