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Deborah Sweet dssweet at
Wed Jul 30 15:40:07 PDT 1997

Galen wrote:
(big snip - talking about presentations to the crown)  

>But in the final court of an outgoing king & queen, this is necessarily
>going to happen.  It's simply the last chance people have to make any
>sort of gift.  Hopefully, people have come to love their rulers, and
>want to express that sentiment; I am disinclined to discourage that.

But is this last gift to the *Crown* or is it to the *two tired people 
under those heavy brass hats*? If your presentation is for the two 
people, why lengthen court with it? Present your gift to them later that 
night, in private or at their camp, with your thanks. If your gift is 
for the *Crown*, then it doesn't really matter who's wearing it, now, 
does it? If possible present your gift at another event entirely, either 
before or after Coronation.

>And for the record, I know a number of peers who want their taking
>of squires and other associates to be done in public ceremonies
>with official witnesses, that is, court.  They and others, too, who
>have put considerable work into helping the kingdom or their local
>group go, often ask no other payment than a moment of the King's
>time, in public.

I don't mind this, as long as it is good theater, visible, and clearly 
audible, and reasonably brief. I've seen several squire/apprentice 
ceremonies. Some were good, some were bad, some were very good, and some 
were just awful. 

another one of those rabble rousers from


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